Our Story

From the beginning of our musical partnership, we were drawn to the sounds of the great acoustic guitarists. We’d sit, listen, learn, explore and try to re-create the magic we heard. We also discovered a mutual love for British folk rock, traditional American folk songs, fun and beautiful Celtic tunes and the oh-so-many more current fabulous songs from our favorite singer-songwriters. So that’s what you’ll hear when you come to a Bev & Dave gig: fun takes of our favorite Transatlantic folk, our re-imagined arrangements of fabulous classic and current songs. Oh, and our own originals too! As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve worked hard and developed awesome duet guitar stylings that sweep these songs along. Genre-hopping great songs, great guitar, great fun. That’s what we’re all about.

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“This folk duo out of Burlington with deep ties to the triad music scene will have you sitting in rapt attention as they play and sing. Lilting harmonies, great musicianship, and a style that will put you in mind of the folk duo greats. Prepare for wonderfulness!” - WHUP Pass The Hat